#3 Interesting About The Legends – Stephen Hawking

‘Strength does not come from physical abilities, it comes from an indomitable will’. The stoutness of will power can be witnessed from the life of greatest and most popular scientist on Earth, Stephen Hawking. Playing a daily eye-to-eye since last 54 years with Motor Neuron disease, he revealed a number of unknown and surprising aspects of Universe. Let’s catch some of the interesting facts about this Legend.

✓ Hawking was not a bright kid – Perhaps the greatest mind on the planet at present, Hawking has not shown his intelligence during the start of his education. But he left a message for the education system here, ‘don’t beg for grades, beg to excellence’ . Majority of his teachers accept that his grades were poor as he was too lazy to study rather he was extremely interested in digging for how things worked in the universe.

✓ He built his own computer- Nicknamed as Einstein in his school time, he succeeded in developing a computer with the assistance of clock parts, telephone switchboard and some other recycled components along with his group of friends and his Mathematics teacher.

✓ He Just had two years to live – Often destiny test your strength, so does happened with Hawking. When Hawking stepped in for 21st autumn of his life, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) which is a motor neuron disease and even the worse happened when doctors informed him that he had just 2 years to live. But eventually he came back with a bang slashing all the predictions.

✓ Women are the biggest mystery to him- Even the greatest mind on planet has no idea about a creature, known as ‘women’. When Hawking was asked about the most mysterious thing in this world, his reply was – ‘its women!’.

Interesting Facts about Stephen Hawking

✓ He believes the existence of aliens- He shared fearlessly his ideas about another mysterious concept ‘The Aliens’. However the most favorite physicist in the world believes in the existence of aliens. He revealed same by saying that an alien civilization has amplitude to wipe out the human society; the way a human might wipe out a society of ants.

✓ Hawking’s wheelchair is a bunch of modest technology- Adapted to a portable system mounted on a wheelchair, the program assists Hawking to “speak” by using a hand clicker to choose words on a screen. The wheelchair he use in these photos is a Permobil C350.

Interesting Facts about Stephen Hawking

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